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Government Property Lease Excise Tax Property Lease Excise Tax<div class="ExternalClass97494A47DD2F44BB81D2A4B69533A292"><h1>​A Tool for Redevelopment​<br></h1><p></p><div>The State of Arizona established the Government Property Lease Excise Tax (GPLET) as a tool to initiate development by reducing the operating costs of a project by substituting an excise tax in place of real property tax. The state statute establishes an excise tax for the building type of use and is calculated on the gross square feet of the building.<br></div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div>Currently state law dictates that excise tax does not continue for more than 25 years and requires that the land and improvements made to the land be conveyed to a government entity and leased back for private use. Properties located within a Central Business District and Redevelopment area are eligible for abatement of​ the excise tax for the first 8 year​s after the certificate of occupancy of the building is issued. <br></div></div>10GP0|#5e744744-fc23-4274-abba-2c675940dcdd;L0|#05e744744-fc23-4274-abba-2c675940dcdd|Finance Solutions;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a4;GPP|#fe7ee8cd-243d-46b1-9fb1-97839d7062c8;GPP|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254daB5DynamicPage/images/CItyscapeGPLET.jpg/images/CItyscapeGPLET.jpgNoneGPLET is an economic tool used to facilitate revitalization through reductions and/or abatement of the excise tax. Development projects in the Central Business District and Redevelopment Area can use this tool to help revitalize communities and create modern developments with the community in mind.Show Hot & LeftnavGovernment Property Lease Excise Tax (GPLET)No
Development Assistance Assistance<div class="ExternalClass2C3E19A5E1E84DFCBFD32C4FA41F2B19"><h1>​Application Process​<br></h1><p></p><p>Learn more about the development assistance process with our overview and request assistance from the City of Phoenix. This application is a streamlined process and is offered for any redevelopment Area in Phoenix. The application process was approved by City Council at a May 6, 2020 Formal Meeting.<br></p><p><br></p><h2>​Application Steps​<br></h2><p>1. First, review the Application Process Overview document.</p><p>2. Submit an Intake Meeting Request form, along with a 2-page executive summary of the project.<br></p><p>3. City staff will review the request and may schedule an intake meeting.​</p><p>4. An application will need to be submitted after the Intake Meeting, at the direction of City staff. You can find the questionnaire on this page.<br></p><p>5. City staff will conduct a preliminary review of the application, and if complete and meets criteria, it will be sent to a review panel comprised of community members and City staff. A review meeting will be scheduled.<br></p><p>6. If the application passes the review panel, and is accepted by the Community and Economic Development Director, staff will negotiate with the applicant.<br></p><p>7. City staff will schedule public meetings f or the community to learn more about the ​proposed project and provide feedback.​<br></p></div>11GP0|#5e744744-fc23-4274-abba-2c675940dcdd;L0|#05e744744-fc23-4274-abba-2c675940dcdd|Finance Solutions;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a4;GPP|#fe7ee8cd-243d-46b1-9fb1-97839d7062c8;GPP|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254daB5DynamicPage/images/TaylorStPaseo.jpg/images/DevelopmentAssistance.jpgNoneFind out how the City of Phoenix can help your development process. Phoenix Community and Economic Development team has provided a concise overview of the process with access to the application.Show & LeftnavDevelopment AssistanceNo
Access Regional Resources Regional Resources<div class="ExternalClassEB584F7A06064B80AE5055CBE15342E0"><p>​The Phoenix Region has a variety of programs and tools to help make your business successful. See the resources from our various business focused groups and find support for your business or project.<br></p></div>12Discover More/grow-expand/state-local-programs_self_selfNetworking EventGP0|#5e744744-fc23-4274-abba-2c675940dcdd;L0|#05e744744-fc23-4274-abba-2c675940dcdd|Finance Solutions;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a4;GPP|#fe7ee8cd-243d-46b1-9fb1-97839d7062c8;GPP|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da Resources.jpgColorblockRightGreenGreenBlockRight