A Global Cityhttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/Hero/DispForm.aspx?ID=6A Global City<div class="ExternalClassF10C84CBA5874609BF3A5A6EC863CABB"><div><div><div><div><div><p>Phoenix offers executives a pro-business climate and gateway to global markets, with over 1,400 international firms from 41 countries calling Phoenix home. Our city provides sustainable access to skilled talent and robust industries, empowering companies to optimize operations, seize opportunities, and drive strategic growth in a cost-effective business hub. ​<br></p></div></div></div></div></div></div>1Discover Morehttps://www.investinphoenix.com/why-phoenix/international_blank_selfGP0|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da;L0|#041a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da|Home Page;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a41https://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/Hero/Attachments/6/AdobeStock_507705226.jpegHero
Green Growthhttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/Hero/DispForm.aspx?ID=3Green Growth<div class="ExternalClass84A3AD5684F8416D96D5D3E49F1E0CCA"><div><p>​Our long-standing plans and polices have created a pathway to address environmental and community concerns in any project ensuring sustainable and responsible economic development growth. Phoenix is committed to growth in green businesses.​​<br></p></div></div>2Start Herehttps://www.investinphoenix.com/why-phoenix/sustainable-development_blank_selfGP0|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da;L0|#041a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da|Home Page;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a41https://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/Hero/Attachments/3/AdobeStock_581613112.jpegHero
Pioneering Biosciencehttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/Hero/DispForm.aspx?ID=7Pioneering Bioscience<div class="ExternalClass447D24CADB26499F94E446B97C632DF1"><p></p><p>We are transforming the landscape of life sciences and the future of Phoenix. Our business approach stems from planning and investment, making our City the place to be for pioneers committed to collaboration and medical  innovation.​<br></p></div>3Start Here/industries/bioscience-healthcare_self_selfGP0|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da;L0|#041a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da|Home Page;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a41https://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/Hero/Attachments/7/AdobeStock_451192308.jpgHero
Cutting-Edge Productionhttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/Hero/DispForm.aspx?ID=8Cutting-Edge Production<div class="ExternalClass5D8C93B5FF9243DAAEE3AB4C4665C7C8"><div><p>Phoenix is ranked 1st in the nation for manufacturing growth and is leading the way in emerging opportunities, improving productivity, and creating conditions for constant growth through a simple process. We work together to get you what you need to move your business to the next level.​<br></p></div></div>4Start Herehttps://www.investinphoenix.com/industries/advanced-manufacturing_blank_selfGP0|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da;L0|#041a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da|Home Page;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a41https://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/Hero/Attachments/8/AdobeStock_483004683.jpgHero
Homepage Quotehttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/DynamicPageSections/DispForm.aspx?ID=1Homepage Quote<div class="ExternalClass0F84D237D5924A06A7A76AD69694BEE1"><p>In Phoenix, we welcome economic growth from all over the world. We are now a global center for advanced manufacturing. We lead the nation in life sciences hiring, with cures for cancer and breakthroughs in personalized medicine discovered and delivered here. More people choose Phoenix as their new home than any other U.S. city. This is a city of opportunity and we’re primed and ready for your business to succeed here​.<br></p></div>5_selfGP0|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da;L0|#041a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da|Home Page;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a4NoMayor Kate Gallego, City of PhoenixHot
Let TeamPHX Be Your Conciergehttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/DynamicPageSections/DispForm.aspx?ID=2Let TeamPHX Be Your Concierge<div class="ExternalClass1D1C06B8A562492CBA8AE403A2CB4BA0"><p></p><p>​Business Solutions made easy – contact TeamPHX, your dedicated team of business professionals. Our Concierge Services provide a one-stop solution for navigating City departments, expanding operations, and making community connections. Let us be your guide so that you can concentrate on what matters most – your business growth!​​<br></p></div>10Discover Morehttps://www.investinphoenix.com/grow-expand/business-resources_blank_blankCoworkers helping each otherGP0|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da;L0|#041a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da|Home Page;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a4https://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/DynamicPageSections/Attachments/2/TeamPHXRED.jpgColorblockLeftRedBlueBlockLeft
Phoenix Bioscience Corehttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/Links/DispForm.aspx?ID=3Phoenix Bioscience Core20https://phoenixbiosciencecore.com/_blankGP0|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da;L0|#041a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da|Home Page;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a4Logoshttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/Links/Attachments/3/PBC Logo 2022-Black.jpgCED-LinksLogo
Arizona @ Workhttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/Links/DispForm.aspx?ID=7Arizona @ Work22https://arizonaatwork.com_blankGP0|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da;L0|#041a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da|Home Page;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a4Logoshttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/Links/Attachments/7/LOGO 20210326 Arizona@Work.jpgCED-LinksLogo
Phoenix Sister Citieshttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/Links/DispForm.aspx?ID=4Phoenix Sister Cities24https://www.phoenixsistercities.org_blankGP0|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da;L0|#041a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da|Home Page;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a4Logoshttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/Links/Attachments/4/PhoenixSisterCities.pngCED-LinksLogo
Film Phoenixhttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/Links/DispForm.aspx?ID=6Film Phoenix26/industries/film_blankGP0|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da;L0|#041a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da|Home Page;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a4Logoshttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/Links/Attachments/6/50th-FilmPHX Logo-Horizontal-Web-BW.pngCED-LinksLogo
The Future is Phoenixhttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/Links/DispForm.aspx?ID=101The Future is Phoenix28https://www.investinphoenix.com/why-phoenix/the-future-is-phoenix_blankGP0|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da;L0|#041a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da|Home Page;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a4https://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/Links/Attachments/101/logo-the-future-is-phoenix-black-green.jpgCED-LinksLogo
Phoenix’s Talent Toolkithttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/DynamicPageSections/DispForm.aspx?ID=18Phoenix’s Talent Toolkit<div class="ExternalClassC36519DAA96E4B41B02E6C73E1865AEE"><p>We help companies build competitive teams by leveraging pipelines of upskilled talent, targeted recruiting events, and integrated education partners. Companies can tap Phoenix's workforce ecosystem to secure personnel equipped to sharpen competencies and accelerate strategic priorities.​<br></p></div>30Discover Morehttps://www.investinphoenix.com/workforce_self_selfStaff trainingGP0|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da;L0|#041a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da|Home Page;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a4https://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/DynamicPageSections/Attachments/18/TalentGREEN.jpgColorblockRightGreenBlueBlockRight
Ranked #1 for Manufacturing Growthhttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/DynamicPageSections/DispForm.aspx?ID=509Ranked #1 for Manufacturing Growth<div class="ExternalClassCC9C352ABC0E42ACBFEB8C247D737CAF"><div><div><div class="flex gap-0.5" style="box-sizing:border-box;border-width:0px;border-style:solid;display:flex;"><button class="contents" style="border-width:0px;font-family:inherit;font-size:16px;font-weight:inherit;line-height:inherit;color:inherit;margin:0px;padding:0px;background-color:transparent;background-image:none;cursor:pointer;display:contents;"></button><br>​<p>​<br></p><p>Phoenix ranked first for projected manufacturing job gains by Newmark Group. The report analyzed manufacturing jobs announced, labor pool, and energy costs. Phoenix leads among large metros for manufacturing growth. The Newmark report highlights growth in automotive, biomanufacturing, digitalization, and energy production.<br></p><div><br>​<br></div><p><br></p></div></div></div></div>32See Morehttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Documents/Manufacturing-Momentum_Part-Two_January-2024_Secured.pdf_blank_selfPhoenix Industrial GrowthGP0|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da;L0|#041a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da|Home Page;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a4https://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/DynamicPageSections/Attachments/509/Phoenix-Industrial1.jpgImageLeftBlockLeft
Accelerate Your Businesshttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/DynamicPageSections/DispForm.aspx?ID=378Accelerate Your Business<div class="ExternalClass94672768CFBC40D19BC1DBCF74DBF456"><p></p><p>Tap into robust resources that will allow you to sharpen operations and grow strategically. Our regional support includes financing vehicles, facility modernization incentives, workforce services, and so much more. Phoenix empowers executives with the solutions to optimize ventures now and into the future so decision-makers can propel their organization's advancement.​<br></p></div>35Learn Morehttps://www.investinphoenix.com/grow-expand/state-local-programs_self_selfGP0|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da;L0|#041a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da|Home Page;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a4https://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/DynamicPageSections/Attachments/378/AccelerateBiz.jpgImageRightBlockRight
Unlock Alternative Funding for Small Businesseshttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/DynamicPageSections/DispForm.aspx?ID=589Unlock Alternative Funding for Small Businesses<div class="ExternalClass0AF359F8A5C348D2A4BF4E87A9AC6B04"><p>​<span dir="ltr">Downtown PHX Small Biz Summit Series event on 6/25 by ASU & Phoenix on "Alternative Funding" for underrepresented founders. 5-7 PM at E+I @850PBC. Part of 3-event series fostering entrepreneurial diversity. Final session on 7/30. Sign up now!</span>​<br></p></div>40Register Herehttps://entrepreneurship.asu.edu/e_i_events/_self_selfBusiness seminarGP0|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da;L0|#041a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da|Home Page;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a4https://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/DynamicPageSections/Attachments/589/AdobeStock_455863126.jpegImageLeftBlockLeft
TSMChttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/Hero/DispForm.aspx?ID=22TSMC<div class="ExternalClass7DA3DD5CDA104EB1AC4D831C6E9C45C9"><p>TSMC: Historic U.S. Greenfield FDI​ has signifanctly expanded into Phoenix, creating a full semiconductor supply chain ecosystem. Producing 60% of the world's chips, TSMC delivers top performance for smartphones, cars, satellites, defense systems, and more.<br></p></div>50See Phase One/why-phoenix/success-stories/tsmc_self_selfGP0|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da;L0|#041a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da|Home Page;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a42https://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/Hero/Attachments/22/TSMC-BottomHero1.jpegHero
PetSmarthttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/Hero/DispForm.aspx?ID=23PetSmart<div class="ExternalClassF3AE658D1F784129863B26CB755514C9"><p>​PetSmart has revolutionized the pet supply industry. With pet companionship growing, PetSmart sees the valley as pivotal to it's continued growth.<br></p></div>51Start Here/why-phoenix/success-stories/petsmart_self_selfGP0|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da;L0|#041a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da|Home Page;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a42https://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/Hero/Attachments/23/PetSmartBanner.jpgHero



Phoenix City Council approves $20M for CAMIhttps://www.investinphoenix.com/news/27Phoenix City Council approves $20M for CAMI<div class="ExternalClass0D9836738BCF47CC956D4A69EC63C405"><p>​TUCSON, Arizona — The <a href="http://healthsciences.arizona.edu/">University of Arizona Health Sciences</a> <a href="https://healthsciences.arizona.edu/centers-programs/center-advanced-molecular-and-immunological-therapies">Center for Advanced Molecular and Immunological Therapies</a> will receive more than $20 million in funding from the Phoenix City Council following a unanimous vote of support June 26.</p><p>The Center for Advanced Molecular and Immunological Therapies, or CAMI, is a biomedical research hub being developed on the Phoenix Bioscience Core in downtown Phoenix. Groundbreaking for the seven-story, 200,000-square-foot building is expected to take place this fall at the southwest corner of 7th Street and Fillmore Street.  </p><p>The $20 million is composed of various forms of support which will be invested by the city over time, including $16.5 million in payments from the city's Downtown Community Reinvestment Fund and abatement of ground lease rent for the term of the project.</p><p>“Mayor Gallego and the Phoenix City Council have a strong history of championing the advancement of health sciences in Phoenix," said Michael D. Dake, MD, senior vice president for the University of Arizona Health Sciences. “This financial investment speaks to the value CAMI will bring to Arizona through innovative and translational research, startup activity, and corporate engagement."</p><p>The June 26 vote follows a June 12 unanimous vote by the city's four-member Council Economic Development and Housing Subcommittee that support for CAMI be forwarded to the full Council for consideration.</p><p>“Phoenix is among the top five of the nation's emerging life sciences markets and number one for job growth in the life sciences in emerging markets," said Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego. “We are confident the Center for Advanced Molecular and Immunological Therapies will further enhance our status as a significant force in the national bioscience industry while contributing to vital growth in our local and state economies."</p><p>Mayor Gallego is a member of the CAMI Advisory Council, a group of more than 20 distinguished leaders from academic research, biomedical and health care industries, government, and private corporations across the state. Their guidance will ensure the work being done through CAMI translates to real-world outcomes to improve the health of Arizonans and advance precision medicine solutions to pressing health issues including cancers, infectious diseases and autoimmune conditions.</p><p>Led by Inaugural Executive Director Deepta Bhattacharya, PhD, CAMI is expected to generate a return on investment of 2.5-to-1 in its first 10 years. An economic impact report anticipates economic activity in Arizona will increase by at least $3.9 billion thanks to CAMI, which will generate at least $140 million in new local tax revenue for Phoenix and Maricopa County.</p><p>“CAMI will be an exciting addition to the downtown area," said Councilwoman Kesha Hodge Washington, who represents Council District 8 in which CAMI will reside. “The Phoenix Bioscience Core is part of our community, and CAMI aligns with our larger vision for growth by combining health sciences academics and research with community engagement and workforce development. It demonstrates the synergy that is created when industry and community partner to elevate Phoenix and make life better for our residents."</p><p>CAMI builds on the idea that the most effective defense against disease is the body's immune system. The goal is to translate advanced immunotherapies research into novel strategies for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases.</p><p>CAMI was started with New Economy Initiative funding provided to the University of Arizona by the state legislature and allocated to UArizona Health Sciences. It has received strong government and philanthropic support, including $150 million in state funding and $4 million in county funding.</p><p>​ <br><b>Media Contact:</b></p><p>Athena Sanchez<br>City of Phoenix<br>Community and Economic Development<br>Call/text: 602-621-0507<br>Email: <a href="mailto:athena.sanchez@phoenix.gov">athena.sanchez@phoenix.gov</a><br></p></div>Image rendering of the future buildinghttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/News/Attachments/27/CAMI.jpg6/27/2024 7:53:19 PM
United Foods International (USA), Inc. to Expand Global Footprint with a New State-of-the-Art Facility in Phoenixhttps://www.investinphoenix.com/news/26United Foods International (USA), Inc. to Expand Global Footprint with a New State-of-the-Art Facility in Phoenix<div class="ExternalClass102813661D6344E5A74198AD0EDC79CD"><p>Phoenix, AZ—United Foods International (USA), Inc. is excited to announce a cutting-edge production facility within the Envision Dobbins 202 West Industrial Park in Phoenix. This facility will allow UFI to double its liquid production in the state and expand its capabilities to meet growing demands. When the facility is fully operational, UFI plans to hire upwards of 100 employees.​<br></p><p>"Great things are happening in our City, and we are excited to have United Foods International (UFI), Inc. choose Phoenix as the location of their new production facility," said Mayor Kate Gallego. "Their investment boosts economic opportunities for our local economy and contributes to our City's thriving food industry."</p><p>"We are thrilled to bring our unique and authentic food products to the vibrant city of Phoenix," said Take Shimura, Presid​​ent and COO of United Foods International. "Beyond the mainstream flavors, our goal is to provide consumers with a taste of Japanese and Asian cultures through our diverse range of offerings, while also supporting the local economy by creating jobs and partnerships with local suppliers."</p><p>According to Phoenix Community and Economic Development Director, Chris Mackay, "This new facility is a testament to Phoenix's strong business climate and skilled workforce. We are proud that UFI has chosen our city as its hub for expanding its operations."</p><p>The 126,000-square-foot facility will house advanced spray dryers and initially process over 2.5 million gallons of liquid into powders annually. With future plans for additional drying chamber installations, the facility's capabilities are set to double to 5.0 million gallons. Leveraging a unique liquid-to-powder atomization process and a team of industry experts, the new facility is poised to cater to clients seeking custom powder solutions as part of their food ingredients.</p><p>“UFI's new facility underscores Phoenix's position as a market of choice for both food- and manufacturing-related users," said JLL Senior Managing Director Riley Gilbert, who represented UFI in the site selection and lease negotiations for its new Valley location. “They will also be an exciting addition to the Loop 202 – South Mountain Freeway corridor which, thanks to astute planning by the City of Phoenix, has become a major new hub for respected manufacturing entities like UFI."</p><p>This new production facility will be the second for UFI in Phoenix. It's first Phoenix facility began operation in 2021 and is growing exponentially, creating the need for UFI to significantly increase its liquid processing capabilities. The new UFI facility increases the company's local footprint to 236,000 square feet and will allow UFI to double its liquid production in Phoenix to 8.0 million gallons annually.<br></p><p>Construction on the new facility is underway, and operations are expected to begin in the summer of 2025.To showcase their new facility and meet with prospective clients, United Foods International (USA), Inc. will be attending the <a href="https://www.iftevent.org/">IFT First Expo</a>.</p><p>United Foods International (USA), Inc. Established in the US in 1988, UFI currently has contract manufacturing facilities in​ Hayward, CA, Belcamp, MD, and Phoenix, AZ. Their private label products include sauces, dressings, condiments, and dry blends such as batter mixes and seasonings, catering to a wide range of industries including restaurants and retail outlets.</p><p>For more information about United Foods International (USA), Inc., please visit <a href="https://ufiusa.com/about/">ufiusa.com</a>.</p><p> </p><p><strong>Media Contact:</strong><br>Athena Sanchez<br>Communications Manager<br>City of Phoenix<br>602-621-0507<br><a href="mailto:Athena.sanchez@phoenix.gov">Athena.sanchez@phoenix.gov</a><br></p></div>Southwest Phoenix Industrial Park near Loop 202https://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/News/Attachments/26/AdobeStock_366971146.jpeg6/24/2024 6:54:42 PM
Phoenix Mobile Career Unit Hosts Successful Event at UMOM, Connecting Job Seekers with Employershttps://www.investinphoenix.com/news/25Phoenix Mobile Career Unit Hosts Successful Event at UMOM, Connecting Job Seekers with Employers<div class="ExternalClass0E49CCB4A5CC472F9B0C2D5E64D29379"><p>The City of Phoenix Mobile Career Unit (MCU), recently hosted a successful event at UMOM, drawing over 150 job seekers and resulting in 65 on-the-spot job offers. Held on Wednesday, June 12, the MCU event saw a high turnout as community members explored job opportunities and connected with employers.  </p><p>The event featured top employers such as Chipotle, Starbucks, Food City, and Bashas, actively seeking to fill vacant positions within their companies. Attendees had the chance to network and apply for various job openings in the food industry.</p><p>Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego also expressed her excitement about the turnout and its positive impact on the local community. "I am thrilled to see so many job seekers taking advantage of this opportunity to connect with potential employers. This event is a great example of how our city is working on many fronts to support upward economic mobility and connect residents with meaningful employment opportunities," said Mayor Gallego.</p><p>At the start of the Phoenix Community and Economic Development Department's Business and Workforce Division's program, the goal was to achieve 208 job offers by June 2025. As of Wednesday, the team has surpassed the program goal with 211 job offers, with another year remaining to serve the community.</p><p>The MCU, a winner of the Bloomberg Philanthropies Global Mayors Challenge, is a part of the City of Phoenix's workforce development efforts to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers. The unit travels around the city, bringing job opportunities directly to communities that may face barriers to accessing employment resources.</p><p>"We are dedicated to helping individuals find meaningful employment and supporting our local businesses by connecting them with qualified candidates," said LaSetta Hogans, Deputy Director of the Business and Workforce Development Division for the City of Phoenix. "This event was a great success, and we look forward to hosting more events like this in the future."</p><p>The City of Phoenix Community and Economic Development Department encourages employers with workforce needs and individuals seeking employment or career advancement to take advantage of their services and attend upcoming events. For more information on upcoming events and resources available, please visit phoenix.gov/mayor/mcu.</p><p><br></p><p><strong>​Media Contact:</strong><br>Athena Sanchez<br>City of Phoenix<br>Community and Economic Development<br>Call/text: 602-621-0507<br>Email: <a href="mailto:athena.sanchez@phoenix.gov">athena.sanchez@phoenix.gov</a><br></p></div>Mobile career unit event held at Umom on June 12th, 2024.https://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/News/Attachments/25/Photo_MCU-UMOM_6-12-24_006 (1).jpg6/20/2024 9:51:53 PM