Vacant Storefront Program Storefront Program​The Vacant Storefront Improvement Assistance Program provides struggling to retail and commercial properties to improve public infrastructure. Buildings that qualify are those public infrastructure improvements that delay or prevent the development and occupancy of an existing building and overall site.​<div class="ExternalClass88E00DBD0A1D4751987126C48B15BE3B"><h1></h1><div class="ExternalClassFD84757810D44A13BB5B0B2BBD520F67"><h1>Vacant Storefront Improvement</h1><h1>​Assistance Program​</h1><p>​​</p><p>The Vacant Storefront Improvement Assistance Program assists challenged retail or commercial properties in the City of Phoenix by providing financial assistance for public infrastructure improvements (improvements) to support the recovery and occupancy of vacant retail properties. The program allows retail building owners to remain competitive while revitalizing and beautifying the surrounding community. Building owners may apply for up to <strong>$250,000</strong> of assistance. This program is funded through the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund program (SLFRF) as authorized by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA).<br></p><h2>Eligibility  ​</h2><p>​​​​​​Owners of existing retail or commercial building owners located in the City of Phoenix who were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and meet one or more of the following eligibility criteria may qualify for the program:</p><ul><li>25% revenue loss or 10% vacancy increase when comparing 2019 to 2020 and 2021; or</li><li>Located in or immediately adjacent to a <a href="">Qualified Census Tract (QCT)</a>; or</li><li>​Are an adaptive reuse development opportunity created by the pandemic.<br></li></ul><h2>Application Requirements <br></h2><p></p><div></div><ul><li><div></div><div><div>Explanation of how the COVID-19 Pandemic caused vacancy and/or stalled development/redevelopment of the project. Provide a description of the project and the public infrastructure improvements that are delaying or preventing the development and occupancy of an existing building and overall site.</div><div><br></div></div></li></ul><p>Examples of potential public infrastructure items include:</p><p></p><p></p></div><blockquote style="margin:0px 0px 0px 40px;border:none;padding:0px;"><div class="ExternalClassFD84757810D44A13BB5B0B2BBD520F67"><ul><li><span style="white-space:pre;">​​​</span>Sidewalk/street installation and/or repairs</li><li>Street/traffic lights</li><li>Placemaking signage</li><li>Landscape enhancements/improvements in the right-of-way</li><li>Median installation</li><li>Bus shelter enhancements/improvements</li><li>Water/sewer line installation and/or extension</li><li>Public art installation</li><li>A copy of W-9 and 1099 Disclosure must be included with the application.</li><li>The approved applicant entity must be registered within the State of Arizona and in good standing with the Arizona Corporation Commission. A copy of the entity's current status must be attached to the application.<br></li></ul></div></blockquote><div class="ExternalClassFD84757810D44A13BB5B0B2BBD520F67"><h2><br></h2><h2>​Application Re​view / Approval<br></h2><div><span style="font-size:19px;"><span style="color:#0072c6;font-family:"segoe ui semilight", "segoe ui", segoe, tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif;"><br></span></span></div><p>​The application can be found here: ​<a href="/Documents/2024-Application-Vacant%20Storefront%20Improvement%20Assistance%20Program.pdf" target="_blank">Vacant Storefront Improvement Assistance Program Application​</a><br><br></p><p></p><div><ul><li>An evaluation panel comprised of City staff will review each application for eligibility and provide a recommendation for approval or denial.</li><li>The panel will consider costs, location, historic nature of the property, and community benefit.</li><li>Each approved applicant will enter a grant agreement with the City to outline the terms and conditions of awarded funds.</li><li>Each approved applicant must register with to obtain a Unique Entity Identification (UEI) number and submit that number to the City before being issued a grant agreement.</li><li>Applications will be funded at the sole discretion of the City of Phoenix.​<br></li></ul></div><h2>Contract Requirements  ​<br></h2><p>The Improvements will either be scheduled for completion by the City's Street Transportation Department (Streets) or other appropriate department(s), or the approved applicant may be approved to complete the Improvements directly. Any improvements completed by an approved applicant must be in compliance with Planning and Development, Streets and other associated departments' standards, and Arizona Revised Statutes Title 34. Each grant agreement will include performance and timeline indicators to ensure compliance with the ARPA Final Rule.<br><br></p><p>For more information regarding the Final Rule, please visit: <a href=""></a><br><br></p><p>An overview of the Final Rules can be found at: <a href=""></a><br><br></p><p>For more information regarding the SLFRF program please visit: <a href=""></a><br><br></p><p>For more information regarding the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, please visit:  <a href=""></a></p><h2>Reporting and Invoicing  </h2><ul><li>Upon grant agreement execution:</li><ul><li>The grant recipient will submit a detailed invoice with any accompanying documentation for reimbursement to be processed once all Improvements are completed and accepted by the City.</li><li>​​The grant recipient will provide current project vacancy numbers and a list of existing tenants.<br></li><ul><li>If a project has multiple suites, an updated list will be provided as vacant suites are leased.​</li></ul></ul></ul><p>For questions regarding the Vacant Storefront Improvement Assistance Program contact: </p><p>Karla Scott, Program Manager<br>602-534-7511</p><p>Abby Garcia, Project Manager<br>602-261-8013<br><a href=""></a><br><br></p><p><strong>Applications may be submitted via email at:</strong> <a href=""><strong></strong></a><br></p><strong>Applications will be accepted until 5pm local Phoenix time on Friday, May 3rd or until all grant funds have been awarded.</strong><br><br><p><strong>Applications may also be mailed to:</strong><span style="font-family:"segoe ui", segoe, tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif;font-size:13px;"><br></span></p><p>City of Phoenix Community and Economic Development Department<br></p><p>Vacant Storefront Improvement Assistance Program</p><p>200 W. Washington St., 20<sup>th</sup> Floor</p><p>Phoenix, Arizona 85003​​​<br><br></p></div></div> Storefront ProgramState & Local Business Programsgrow-expand/state-local-programs/vacant-storefront

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