Film more than 50 years, Phoenix has made its mark in the film industry. Clint Eastwood's movie "The Gauntlet" and the opening scenes of Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" were filmed in downtown Phoenix. Phoenix’s versatile landscape and sunny weather continue to attract top filmmakers, talent, and crew from all over the world.<div class="ExternalClass87C63B719E5140DB8EE4C55F2D2389A4"><h1>Filming in Phoenix​</h1><p>The city of Phoenix Film Office is your ultimate resource for everything you need to film in Phoenix, providing hassle-free service. Our one-stop permit process puts Phoenix at your fingertips.</p><p>We provide location assistance, information regarding technical crews, talent, hotel accommodations, film permitting and coordinate filming at city owned locations. We also act as a liaison between your company, government agencies and the local community.</p><p>​​​​Research the advantages and benefits of filming in Phoenix and make us your next location.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p></div>

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Film & Digital Permit & Digital Permit<div class="ExternalClass6568DFB0AB4C4987B77B6D9D0A82149E"><h1>What You Need to Know to Film</h1><p>The Phoenix Film and Digital Media Permit (FDM Permit) and the accompanying <a href="/industries/film/film-digital-permit/terms-and-conditions">Terms and Conditions​</a> allows a production to film in city owned buildings, parks and public-right-of-ways within the defined boundaries of the City of Phoenix. The FDM Permit covers features, TV series and shows, commerci​als, web casts and still photography used for commercial use.​</p><p><br><br></p><h2>The permitting proc​​​​ess for the City of Phoenix is a simple 3 step process​​ <br></h2><ol><li>​​ <a class="strong" href="/industries/film/film-digital-permit/film-application"><strong>Intent to Film/Shoot App​lication</strong></a> - Complete this form which describes your project.</li><br> <li> <a class="strong" href="/industries/film/film-digital-permit/coi-insurance-requirements"><strong>Certificate of Insurance (COI)</strong></a><strong> </strong>- Provide a COI for $1 Million with a $2 Million aggregate naming the City of Phoenix as an additional insured with the following wording in the description box:<br><em><br>"The City of Phoenix is an Additional Insured with respect to liability arising out of the activities performed by or on behalf of the permittee."<br></em><br>If this language does not appear in the description box, your permit application will be rejected!<br><br></li><li><strong>$100 Permit Fee</strong> - A representative from the Phoenix Film Office will email a link for payment by credit card after discussing your project.</li></ol><p>FDM Permits will ONLY be issued once all three steps have been completed.<br></p><p>FDM Permits will NOT be issued within 1 Business Day (24 hours) of the first call time.<br><br></p><h2>Permit Timeframe</h2><ul><li> <strong>1-2 weeks</strong> from first​ shoot date you should submit the <a href="/industries/film/film-digital-permit/film-application">Intent to Film Application​</a><br><em>If submitted less than a week, we cannot guarantee availability of your location or required staff</em></li><li> <strong>2 Business Days Prior</strong> (48 business day hours from first call time), COI and $100 Permit Fee must be submitted</li><li> <strong>1 Business Day </strong>(24 business day hours from first call time), Phoenix Film and Digital Media Permit must be signed by Permittee and the Phoenix Film Office<br><br></li></ul><h2>Permit Time frame Scenarios/Examples</h2><ul><li> <strong>Shoot Day: Wednesday, Crew Call 08:00</strong></li><ul><li>​COI and Permit Fee must be submitted no later than Monday at 08:00 (48 hours)</li><li>Phoenix Film and Digital Media Permit must be signed by both parties no later than Tuesday at 08:00 (24 hours)</li></ul><li> <strong>Shoot Day: Saturday, Sunday or Monday, Crew Call 08:00</strong></li><ul><li>​COI and Permit Fee must be submitted no later than the prior Thursday at 08:00 (48 hours)</li><li>Phoenix Film and Digital Media Permit must be signed by both parties no later than the prior Friday at 08:00 (24 hours)<br></li></ul></ul><p><br></p><p>The submittal of your Intent to Film/Shoot Application not imply approval​ for your shoot. A representative from the Film Office will contact you within 24 business hours to discuss your proposed shoot.</p><p>Should you need to film in another city besides Phoenix,<a href="/industries/film/regional-film-offices" target="_blank"> please refer to the Regional Film Offices page for contact information​</a>.</p><p>If you have any questions, please give our office a call at 602-262-4850.</p></div>10B5DynamicPage/images/FDMPBanner.jpg/images/Permits.jpgRegularInterested in filming within the city? See what you need to make your project happen! The city has a simple process set up for film and media.Show & LeftnavPermitting in PhoenixYes
Location Galleries Galleries<div class="ExternalClassA96BDDCC0B084C4C8C7073FE675AA2F2"><h2>Filming Location Gallery</h2><p>With a wide array of landscapes and scenery, Phoenix can offer looks that duplicate other parts of the country and world. Filmmakers have discovered Phoenix as a cost-cutting alternate to achieve the feel of shooting in such diverse areas as Palm Springs, Los Angeles, South Carolina and the Middle East (to name a few).</p>​​ <p>The following photos are a brief and high level sampling of Phoenix. Please call the Phoenix Film Office, (602) 262-4850, with your specific location needs and we are happy to send a large file custom tailored to your project.</p></div>20greenB5DynamicPage/images/LocationLibraryBanner.jpg/images/LocationLibraryImg.jpgHighlightThere is no limit to the scenery found in Phoenix. A unique desert oasis just a short drive from any landscape you need. See what our city has to offer and discover the diversity of Phoenix.Show Highlighted & LeftnavLocation LibraryNo
Film History History<div class="ExternalClass90F327113C4048A896A01C00ADFE4BFD"><h2>Film History</h2><p>Phoenix has been home to film production for over 50 years. Whether the production is for a major motion picture, commercial or television show, Phoenix has been the backdrop for many projects and often times’ doubles as other cities around the world!</p><p>Productions listed as <strong style="color:#cc0000;">(in production)</strong> are those productions with whom the Phoenix Film Office is working with directly at this t​​ime. To see what has been shot either wholly or partially in Phoenix and what is currently filming, please select from the categories below.</p><p>​<strong style="color:#0000cc;">​​Updated July ​8, 2024</strong>​<br></p></div>30B5DynamicPage/images/FilmHistoryBanner.jpg/images/FilmHistory.jpgRegularThe Film industry in Phoenix is booming. With the talent and affordable locations throughout Greater Phoenix, it is no wonder production continues growing in Phoenix. See the history of productions in Phoenix.Show & LeftnavFilm HistoryNo
Economic Impacts Impacts<div class="ExternalClass1DB51411BD514AA2A004DF173A5640EC"><h2>Economic Impact Reports</h2><p>The Phoenix Film Office tracks the economic impact of the film industry in our community. While we represent the City of Phoenix, our numbers reflect the spending by productions throughout the Greater Phoenix area.</p><p>The Phoenix Film Office obtains these totals from the productions once they have wrapped. Should total economic impact totals not be provided, we revert to the Association of Film Commissioners International Direct Spending for On-Location Productions.</p><p>Reports ending in “Fiscal Year” align with the City of Phoenix fiscal year which runs from July to June</p>​<br></div>40B5DynamicPage/images/FilmEconomicImpactBanner.jpg/images/EconImpactFilm.jpgRegularWith great climate and talented artistic community, Phoenix is a value for productions. Every year, we see dozens of productions boost our economy and build up our local labor force.Show & LeftnavFilm Economic ImpactsNo
Arizona Motion Picture Production Program Motion Picture Production Program<div class="ExternalClass531406E5FC3A4F58843A40E5D8E28772"><h1>Arizona Film Incentives</h1><p>Beginning January 1, 2023, Arizona will begin offering refundable tax credits for the multimedia industry with final program rules and an application process published in September of 2023. Following is a brief overview of the program or you may read the final bill below.</p><p class="h2"> <br> </p><h2>Annual Tax Credit Cap</h2><p>In calendar year 2023: $75,000,000</p><p>In calendar year 2024: $100,000,000</p><p>In calendar year 2025, and each year thereafter: $125,000,000</p><ul><li> <strong>NOTE 1:</strong> $25,000,000 is the cap allowed in a calendar year for filming at Practical Locations meaning the balance is only applicable for studio construction and/or filming occurring at the studios. Policy shall include bodily injury, property damage and broad form contractual liability coverage.</li><li> <strong>NOTE 2:</strong> Unused credits will roll up to the following calendar year</li></ul><p class="h2"> <br> </p><h2>Credit Allocation</h2> <p>Up to $10M = 15%</p><p>$10M to $35M = 17%</p><p>$35M and up = 20%</p><p class="h2"> <br> </p><h3>Credit Allocation Bump​s</h3><p>2.5 percent on below-the-line resident labor costs;</p><p>2.5 percent of the total amount of qualified production costs if:</p><ul><li>The production company uses a qualified production facility in the state to produce the motion picture production; or,</li><li>The production company films primarily at a practical location produces and films the project primarily in Arizona and performs ALL preproduction, postproduction, and editing at an in-state qualified production facility;</li></ul><p>2.5 percent of the total amount of qualified production costs if the production is produced and filmed in association with a "long-term tenant", as defined, of a qualified production facility.</p><p>Phoenix Film Office staff are happy to discuss the latest updates and how the incentive could be applicable to your project! <a href="">Please send us an email to</a> with your phone number and we will call you to discuss the benefits of filming in Phoenix!​<br></p></div>50B5DynamicPage/images/FilmTaxCreditBanner.jpg/images/AZProgramImg.jpgRegularArizona is launching a new program in 2023 that will offer tax credits to qualified film, television and commercial productions that primarily film in the state.Show & LeftnavArizona Motion Picture Production ProgramNo
Contact FilmPHX FilmPHX<div class="ExternalClass2B577F4F6DAC435198A6685283150C7C"><h1>Contact FilmPhx<br></h1><div class="ExternalClassDE1F9873B83C46F4921D8B7DB728B966">The City of Phoenix Film office is your ultimate resource for all your questions and concerns about filming in the 5th largest city in the US. Connect with us to make sure you have what you need to film.​​<br></div></div>70blueB5DynamicPage/images/ContactFilmBanner.jpg/images/ContactFilmImg.jpgNoneThe City of Phoenix Film office is your ultimate resource for all your questions and concerns about filming in the 5th largest city in the US. Connect with us to make sure you have what you need to film.Show Highlighted & LeftnavContact FilmPHXNo
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