602 Dayhttps://www.investinphoenix.com/living-here/Area-Code-Day602 DayOn June 2, 2024, 602 Day (area code) will celebrate Phoenix as a great place to live, work, and enjoy life. With community events, discounted food, and fun, let’s get together to celebrate the great City that we all know and love. <div class="ExternalClass4415CB2EB5AE42E9893D23D4EC29E460"><h1>Why 602?<br></h1><p>In 1947, AT&T created a nationwide telephone numbering plan. The state of Arizona was assigned 602 since there wasn't enough population to support more than one area code. For the next 48 years, 602 dominated until 520 came along and split Metro Phoenix (602) and the rest of the state.<br></p><p>​Today, Arizona has 5 area codes: 602, 520, 480, 623, and 928. Still, the city of Phoenix remains the home of 602.​​<br><br></p><h2>​What is Area Code Day?</h2><p></p><p>Area Code Day is celebrated in communities around the United States to acknowledge the unique history and defining significance of the digits. Cities put their own spin on a date that corresponds with their local area code.</p><p>Area Code Day generally involves local businesses providing discounts, music entertainment, and cultural events with food and art. The celebrations typically originate through residents and businesses with the support of local government and non-profit agencies.​<br><br></p><h3>Area Code Day Nationwide<br></h3><p>Cities around the U.S. celebrate Area Code Day with discounts at local businesses, brewery deals, walking tours, art exhibits, sporting events and much more.<br></p><div><ul style="column-count:2;"><li><p>​​312 Day (Chicago)<br></p></li><li><p>314 Day (Detroit)​</p></li><li><p>414 Day (Milwaukee)<br></p></li><li><p>520 Day (Tucson)</p></li><li><p>713 Day (Houston)<br></p></li></ul><h2><br></h2><h2>How to Participate:</h2><p>If you own a business, share the message with your customers and employees. You can promote 602 Day on your social media networks or utilize in-person signage. ​Offer your customers specials deals that are $6.02! You can even host a 602 Day event! </p><p>Fill out the <a href="/living-here/Area-Code-Day/business-participation">Business Participation Form Here (link).​</a></p><div><br></div></div><div><br></div><div><br></div><p><strong>For Residents: More Details Coming Soon!</strong></p></div>https://www.investinphoenix.com/images/602BannerImg.jpghttps://www.investinphoenix.com/images/602%20Day%20Logo.pngArea-Code-Day602 DayLiving Hereliving-here/Area-Code-Day

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Contact Us 602https://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/DynamicPageSections/DispForm.aspx?ID=542Contact Us 602<div class="ExternalClassB414E8E26D264E3E85D341707F94581D"><div><div><p><strong style="font-size:18px;">For inquiries, media contacts, or any questions related to 602 Day, please feel free to reach out to us at </strong><a href="mailto:602Day@phoenix.gov"><strong style="font-size:18px;">602Day@phoenix.gov​</strong></a><strong style="font-size:18px;">.</strong><br></p></div></div></div>100GP0|#b949bce7-abf5-4e6a-8302-df5c8d55e88c;L0|#0b949bce7-abf5-4e6a-8302-df5c8d55e88c|Area Code Day;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a4;GPP|#18d3db64-ec02-407f-95e1-09101d0aa56c;GPP|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254daTextBlock