Adaptive Reuse Transforms The Monroe Street Abbey in Downtown Phoenix Reuse Transforms The Monroe Street Abbey in Downtown Phoenix<div class="ExternalClass804377BB641B4DD09B0BCD20B49E6FB6"><p><strong>Phoenix, AZ</strong> - The historic Monroe Street Abbey has undergone a stunning transformation, a testament to the collaborative efforts of the City, the building's non-profit owner and the Jones Studio architects. Former Phoenix Mayor and Attorney General Terry Goddard and cur​​​​rent Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego united in celebration of this significant achievement, breathing new life into this landmark building and fostering a sense of pride in our community.</p><p>Adding to its historical significance, the Monroe Street Abbey was selected to receive a 2024 Governor's Heritage Preservation Honor Award. On behalf of the State Historic Preservation Office and the Arizona Preservation Foundation, I wish to thank you for the contribution you have made to the preservation of Arizona's unique heritage. Winners selected for this year's awards will be honored at a special ceremony held in conjunction with the 2024 Arizona Historic Preservation Conference this month.</p><p>Originally built in the 1920s as the First Baptist Church, the Monroe Street Abbey holds a profound place in Phoenix's history. After its last church service in 1968, the building became a youth training center and then was slated for restoration when a tragic fire almost destroyed it. Shortly before the fire, it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, a testament to our commitment to preserving our heritage for future generations.</p><p>Goddard expressed his excitement about seeing this project come to fruition, stating, "The Monroe Street Abbey is an important part of Phoenix's history, and it's wonderful to see it coming back to life." Mayor Kate Gallego shared her thoughts on the project: "The Abbey Downtown is a staple of our city's skyline and history, and I'm looking forward to seeing it transform into an incredible gathering and event space."</p><p>The project was a collaborative effort between Goddard and the Jones Studio architects. Their goal was to inject a contemporary amenities into the building while preserving its originality. This required careful planning and attention to detail to ensure the renovation stayed true to its historical roots.</p><p>"So much of this comes down to the passion of a property owner to work with an existing building, and this is a particularly unique building because so much of it was destroyed by a fire. The ability of this team to see the bones and see the potential is something to be celebrated" said Phoenix Historic Preservation Officer Helana Ruter.</p><p>The remodel of the Monroe Street Abbey involved working closely with Phoenix's Historic Preservation Office to ensure the building was preserved and restored properly. The result is a stunning blend of old and new, with modern touches enhancing the historic charm of this beloved landmark.</p><p>The Monroe Street Abbey now stands as a shining example of historic preservation and adaptive reuse. It not only serves as a reminder of Phoenix's past but also holds the promise of a vibrant future, providing a versatile space for community events and gatherings. The city is proud to have been part of this project and eagerly anticipates the ways it will continue to contribute to Phoenix's rich history.</p><p>For more information about the Monroe Street Abbey and its renovation, please visit <a href="/"></a> or the Phoenix Historic Preservation Office at <a href="">​</a>​​.<br></p></div>Downtown Skyline looking toward southwest Phoenix 9:08:46 PM