Phoenix Promise Scholarship Application Portal Now Open For Students Promise Scholarship Application Portal Now Open For Students<div class="ExternalClass2043BCDA57594173890685F6FAE293BB"><p>Online applications are being accepted for Phoenix Promise scholarships to attend Maricopa Community Colleges. </p><p>The $5-million scholarship program from the City of Phoenix provides scholarship and student support funding to around 400 Phoenix residents pursuing two- and four-year degrees at Maricopa Community College. The Phoenix Promise program, administered through Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation, is using American Rescue Plan Act funding, to support eligible residents. </p><p>“Phoenix's future is strengthened by partnerships that ensure today's students have the best skills and are positioned for promising careers, including those in semiconductors, electric vehicles, healthcare, and computer technology advancement," said Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego. “This program with Maricopa Community Colleges will help hundreds of students overcome barriers and access degree programs, delivering top talent to growing industries in Phoenix."</p><p>Applications can be submitted online at <a href="" style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong></strong></a>. The application deadline for the Spring 2023 semester is October 31, 2022.</p><p>“The Phoenix City Council's unanimous August 31st approval of this program demonstrates their support for this program and the City's commitment to grow and maintain an experienced and educated workforce," said LaSetta Hogans, Executive Director of Phoenix Business and Workforce Development Board, the body that oversees the city's Workforce programs, including Arizona@Work-Phoenix. “Companies looking to grow and locate in Phoenix say talent is their number one reason for selecting a location. Phoenix Promise is for both our career-bound residents and growing companies in search of talent.</p><p>To be eligible for Phoenix Promise scholarships, students must be current Phoenix residents eligible for Arizona in-state tuition and have graduated from high school or obtained a GED/High School Equivalency. Applicants must demonstrate financial need through receipt of a Pell Grant or being part of a household qualifying for certain federal assistance programs. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours per semester.</p><p>Complete details of the program and eligibility requirements are on the website. <br></p><h3>Complete Eligibility Requirements</h3><p>Each applicant must meet these requirements:</p><ol><li>Be a current resident of Phoenix at the time of application, who qualifies for Arizona resident tuition, registration, and fees</li><li>Attend a Maricopa Community College in the coming academic year</li><li>Demonstrate financial need: </li><li>Qualify for a Pell Grant as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid; or</li><li>Be in a household that qualifies for certain federal programs, such as Free and Reduced Price School Meals Program, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families</li><li>Be a high school graduate, or have obtained a state-accredited General Educational Development Credential or High School Equivalency</li><li>Enroll in a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester at any Maricopa Community College</li><li>Enroll in a credit program leading to a two- or four-year degree</li><li>Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress while enrolled at a Maricopa Community College</li></ol><p>After the above-listed qualification are met, priorities may be assigned to applicants who are:<br></p><ul><li>Graduates from high school since Spring 2020;</li><li>First-Generation college students;</li><li>Single parents;</li><li>Veterans; and/or</li><li>Residing in a historically under-served area known as a Qualified Census Tract</li></ul><h3>Statements from the Phoenix City Council</h3><p>Vice Mayor Laura Pastor, District 4</p><p>“Long before I was councilwoman or vice mayor, education was fundamentally important to me," said Vice Mayor Laura Pastor. “Having served in roles from teacher to school board member, I have a first-hand perspective on the importance of every person's access to affordable education. I am thrilled to see our Phoenix City Council pass this Phoenix Promise Program – offering tuition assistance to Phoenix residents attending Maricopa County Community College District schools." </p><p>Councilwoman Yassamin Ansari, District 7</p><p>“As a daughter of immigrants who heavily emphasized access to education as a pathway to personal and generational resiliency, I want to equip every young person in my district with the opportunity to pursue any level of education that could benefit their future and our entire city," said Councilwoman Yassamin Ansari. “More importantly, I'm going to push for an aggressive outreach campaign that reaches young adults who might have lost that opportunity during the pandemic. With this major investment, Phoenix is showing we're focused on proactively addressing inequalities in educational attainment and building strong, sustainable pathways for economic vitality."</p><p>Councilmember Carlos Garcia, District 8</p><p>“As a proud product of community colleges, I am really excited about this opportunity for students," Councilmember Carlos Garcia said. “In conversations with both the colleges and students, it was evident that there were needs beyond just tuition, and the Phoenix Promise Program can now fill those gaps. I am glad that these funds will be able to be used for childcare, food, and other academic support."</p><h3>Statements from Maricopa County Community Colleges leadership</h3><p>Dr. Steven R. Gonzales, Chancellor, Maricopa County Community Colleges District</p><p>“The Maricopa County Community College District is proud to lead the way in providing access to affordable, high-quality education for City of Phoenix residents.  Through the Phoenix Promise Program, eligible students will benefit from critical funding that will support their educational journeys.  This partnership aligns with our System's mission in that it works to dismantle the financial barrier that many low-income families face when determining if post-secondary education is within their reach.  I thank City of Phoenix leadership Mayor Kate Gallego, Vice Mayor Laura Pastor, Councilwoman Yassamin Ansari, and the Phoenix City Council for investing in our student's futures."</p><p>Brian F. Spicker, President and CEO, Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation</p><p>“The Phoenix Promise Program underscores the role the community colleges play in contributing to the wellbeing of the community and ensuring we have a pipeline of successful graduates entering the workforce, who are prepared for 21st-century employment. As a longstanding partner, the City of Phoenix continues to support the Foundation's vision with this program by making post-secondary education affordable and accessible for those Phoenix residents who are most in need."<br></p><p><br></p><p><strong>Media Contact:</strong><br>Athena Sanchez, Interim Communications Manager<br><a href=""></a> +1 602 621 0507​​<br></p></div>Phoenix Downtown Development 12:24:18 AM