PetSmart's no wonder PetSmart has called Phoenix home since 1987. Census named Phoenix the #2 city with the most dogs and cats per household in 2021. The PetSmart Home Office is an anchor in the valley, helping to enrich lives and communities through the shared love of pets.​<div class="ExternalClassCFBCD5587F264ECC8721DCD0FD0B6B8B"><h1>​We will do Anything for Pets because they will do anything for us</h1><p>PetSmart has called Phoenix home since 1987 and in those years the pet experience has evolved, just like the salt river. As the leading, most trusted and accessible brand in pet retail offering the largest variety of pet products and services in one convenient place, their Phoenix heritage is a key part of who they are, and who we are as a community as one of the most pet friendly cities in the U.S.​</p><p>PetSmart's more than 50,000 associates share the same passion for pets as the pet parents they serve, creating a special culture of people who love pets and do Anything for Pets. They innovate solutions and unique, must-have products to create more ways for pets to be a part of our everyday lives, such as accessories to join on a hike of one of Phoenix's many beautiful trails.</p>​<br></div>/images/PetSmartHomeOfficeBannerjpg.jpg/images/PetSmartHomeOfficeThumbnail.jpgpetsmartPetSmartSuccess Storieswhy-phoenix/success-stories/petsmart

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J.K. Symancyk, PetSmart CEO J.K. Symancyk, PetSmart CEO<div class="ExternalClassDB3CB9BC6AEE4257B99FCB02839922E1"><div><p>"​So much of what has happened in animal welfare and the goodness that you see and the elevation of standard of living for pets across North America has run through the Valley."<br></p></div></div>102_self_selfPet at the storeGP0|#eb9b7150-419a-4d3d-939c-f7b5ff83e399;L0|#0eb9b7150-419a-4d3d-939c-f7b5ff83e399|PetSmart;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a4;GPP|#f6a61db1-5f51-460d-9996-68f99bd6215a;GPP|#2c09ba93-0ede-464d-9ecb-2df38f98bbca;GPP|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254da
DispForm.aspx<div class="ExternalClass7C925F762F5A4FB287D55A322C6076D9"><p>As the pet industry experiences record growth, PetSmart continues to be the leader with scale that allows them to provide the largest offering of pet services and products from one convenient location. With more than 50,000 associates across North America and the large pool of talent in Phoenix, if you want a career in pet care or retail, there is no better place to grow than PetSmart. It's no surprise Forbes recognizes them as one of America's Best Large Employers of 2023.​ </p><p><br></p><p>Supporting Phoenix and the communities where they operate, PetSmart believes our collective success depends on creating and maintaining a culture of inclusion where everyone belongs. They empower six unique Associate Resource Groups that bring associates together, and support non-profit organizations that promote diversity, inclusion, and equity including ONE Community, K9s For Warriors, United Food Bank, Child Crisis Arizona, Phoenix Pride, United Way, Arizona Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Committee, and more. They're proud to support PetSmart Charities – the leading funder of animal welfare across North America – helping to connect people and pets by bringing adoptable pets into stores to find them loving homes, fostering more than 10 million pet adoptions and counting.<br></p></div>103_self_selfGP0|#eb9b7150-419a-4d3d-939c-f7b5ff83e399;L0|#0eb9b7150-419a-4d3d-939c-f7b5ff83e399|PetSmart;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a4;GPP|#f6a61db1-5f51-460d-9996-68f99bd6215a;GPP|#2c09ba93-0ede-464d-9ecb-2df38f98bbca;GPP|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254daSimpleTextBlock