TSMChttps://www.investinphoenix.com/why-phoenix/success-stories/tsmcTSMCThe Tawain Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is building 2 fabs in North Phoenix. Their $40B investment will supply hundreds of thousands of wafers to U.S. technology companies once fully-operated. <div class="ExternalClass9A0C413B50EE4DE5A70DAE7DC9FC26BD"><h1>World's Largest Semiconductor Foundry<br></h1><p></p><p>TSMC's (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) historical expansion into Phoenix has created a comprehensive ecosystem in the semiconductor supply chain that is felt at every stage of production, from design to fabrication, testing, and packaging.<br></p><p>TSMC impacts households worldwide. Its manufacturing produces roughly 60% of the world's chips, offering the best power and performance in advanced chip manufacturing for smartphones, cars, satellites, defense systems, and more.<br></p></div>/images/TSMC-Banner.jpg/images/TSMCThumbnail.jpeg.jpgtsmcTSMCSuccess Storieswhy-phoenix/success-stories/tsmc

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Historic $65B investment in Phoenixhttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/DynamicPageSections/DispForm.aspx?ID=335Historic $65B investment in Phoenix<div class="ExternalClassA975D0D630CC4B7A955E19F29135C616"><div><div><div><p>In building its second facility by 2028, and its third facility by the end of the decade in North Phoenix, TSMC will produce 3 nanometer, 2 nanometer and even more advanced chips.<br>Taking the unprecedented capital investment from $40B to $65B.​<br></p></div></div></div></div>101_self_selfTSMC in North PhoenixGP0|#e7b10d6a-9c93-41a4-9c0d-e4f6d4716f18;L0|#0e7b10d6a-9c93-41a4-9c0d-e4f6d4716f18|TSMC;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a4;GPP|#f6a61db1-5f51-460d-9996-68f99bd6215a;GPP|#2c09ba93-0ede-464d-9ecb-2df38f98bbca;GPP|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254dahttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/DynamicPageSections/Attachments/335/2023-TSMC Phx-web.webpColorblockRightRedRedBlockRight
TSMC texthttps://www.investinphoenix.com/Lists/DynamicPageSections/DispForm.aspx?ID=336TSMC text<div class="ExternalClass7618E91E0FA24ECBB5FC792B43E4BEF1"><p></p><p></p><p></p><p>When complete, TSMC in Phoenix will be the one of greenest semiconductor manufacturing facilities, producing the country's most advanced semiconductor process technology. Their commitment to green manufacturing and aspiration to serve as the global standard for eco-friendly corporations is unwavering.</p><p>TSMC's innovations in energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, and air pollution control are at the forefront of operations and production. TSMC fabs are designed and built with that same global vision and aim to achieve a 90% water recycling rate. Already in the design phase, TSMC's industrial water reclamation plant will achieve a "near zero liquid discharge," bringing nearly every drop of water back into the facility.</p><p>TSMC will begin operations in its second fab in 2028, followed by production in its third fab by the end of the decade. “We are confident that once we begin volume production, we will be able to deliver the same level of manufacturing quality and reliability in each of its fab(s) in Arizona as from our fab in Taiwan," C.C. Wei, TSMC's chief executive, said.</p><p>TSMC's presence in Arizona will create 10,000 high-tech jobs. Now with a third fab, TSMC Arizona will create approximately 6,000 jobs – and more than 20,000 accumulated unique construction jobs, as well as tens of thousands of indirect supplier jobs.<br></p></div>102GP0|#e7b10d6a-9c93-41a4-9c0d-e4f6d4716f18;L0|#0e7b10d6a-9c93-41a4-9c0d-e4f6d4716f18|TSMC;GTSet|#a34b90d3-8600-496b-a17d-9e6a6a91b4a4;GPP|#f6a61db1-5f51-460d-9996-68f99bd6215a;GPP|#2c09ba93-0ede-464d-9ecb-2df38f98bbca;GPP|#41a9ade5-c6dd-4fde-b0e5-5e7e8ca254daTextBlock